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Ensuring and Assisting U.S. Industry's Compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention
Department of Commerce, Herbert C. Hoover Building, Washington, DC

  • NEW  CY 2021 Annual Declarations on Anticipated Activities (ADAAs) for Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 facilities due NLT September 3, 2020.

  • Your facility may be subject to a CY 2021 ADAA requirement, if its anticipated activities involving Schedule 2 and/or 3 chemicals will exceed specified threshold quantities. See Parts 713 and 714 of the CWC Regulations for specific declaration requirements.

  • NEW  Reminder: Possible Requirement for Declaration on Additionally Planned Activities (DAPA) for Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 facilities.

  • If the previously declared anticipated activities for your facility do not adequately reflect current business projections through the end of the year, you may be required to submit a DAPA. The specific requirements for DAPAs are outlined in Sections 713.4 and 714.3 of the CWC Regulations for Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 chemicals, respectfully.

  • NEW  Declaration Submissions:

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are accepting declarations in PDF format sent to: You do not need to submit the declaration via mail or courier. You may also submit an electronic declaration via Web-DESI.

  • Interactive Pre-Inspection Briefing (PIB) Template:
    The PIB template has been updated to reflect current operational practices. You can download the PowerPoint template and customize it to your facilities activites in preparation for a possible inspection.[Powerpoint Presentation]

  • Global Chemical Industry Compliance Program (GC-ICP): A handbook to assist companies in determining if their chemical is subject to declaration/reporting under the CWC and other administrative elements, such as corporate commitment statement and recordkeeping. [PDF]


    Ensure an effective treaty compliance system by:

    • Assisting industry towards compliance with the CWC.
    • Maximizing the protection of confidential business information.
    • Minimizing burdens and costs to facilities.
    • Seeking equitable international implementation.

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    Electronic Declarations
    and Reports


    Web-DESI is a user-friendly, time-saving tool available for submitting CWC declarations and reports via the Internet.

    BIS Bulletin CWC-002: A Quick Guide
    Separate Window: BIS Bulletin CWC-004-04: Chemicals


    Nobel Peace PrizeC
    The Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons. Read more

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